Tooth Positioners

Digital Gnathological Set-up

This digital set-up is created and all excursions and functions are checked and confirmed with an adjustable articulator. Use hinge axis tracing or facebow mounting and select virtual articulator and settings.

Digital Set-up

A digital set-up of the dentition is created by moving the teeth virtually to a corrected position. The digital impression is used or models are digitized with a 3D scanner, then software moves teeth and saves the digital file.

Positioner - Impak

The Impak material is a clear heat-softened acrylic for precision finishing of post orthodontic cases. This material is designed for correcting minor discrepancies to exacting pre-programmed specifications.

Positioner - Multi-lastic

This positioner, made from translucent elastomeric silicone, is designed for larger discrepancies. The soft elastomeric has greater stretch capabilities, allowing for a wider treatment range of correction.


Positioner - Silicone

The Silicone positioner is made from a translucent elastic material to grip teeth and sock-in final occlusion. This elastic appliance has excellent memory characteristics to move teeth to exacting specifications.

Positioner - Vanguard

A resilient mouthpiece is constructed over a set-up of the upper and lower dentition to detail and finish the orthodontics. The tranparent vinyl moves teeth to their corrected final positions.

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