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3DNG Digital Splints and Guards

3DNG utilizes a complete digital workflow for CADCAM manufacturing of guards.Custom design software, computerized manufacturing, and innovative new materials offer unparalleled detail and precision!

Appliance Insurance

An appliance replacement program helps improve the patient-doctor relationships. In the event of loss or irreparable damage, the appliance will be replaced for a fee of $42.00 each, while repairs will be processed for $24.00 each.

BioMax Acrylic Splint

A composite formulated acrylic material that is free of amine and methyl methacrylate monomer. This optically clear resin shows excellent flexural and impact strength, and stain resistant properties.

DayLite Thin Feather-Weight Splint

The thin polypropylene-ethylene copolymer stent is formed over the digital model with acrylic added to generate occlusion. This feather-weight day guard is fabricated on the lower arch.

DualFormHS Dual-Laminate Splint

An innovative hard-soft material that has a hard outer shell and a soft polyurethane liner. This dual-laminate splint with its soft liner is comfortable and easy to wear.

DuraBite Hard Acrylic Splint

This crystal clear co-polyester is extremely strong and almost unbreakable. A 3mm disc is pressure formed onto the digital design model and articulated to a virtual articulator bite.

Palate Pleazers

Our appliance personalizing system offers exciting new colour, glitter, picture and design combinations. Choose your designs to create your own personalized orthodontic appliances from our examples.

PowerBite Performance Guards

The PowerBite performance mouthguard increases athletic strengh and performance. Layered EVA vinyl with posterior insert wedges open and reposition bite to maximize air intake.


This new CAD-CAM manufactured Nightguard is strong, but flexible for patient comfort. Our Digital Light-Synthesis 3D Printing Technology provides unparallelled detail and precision!

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